Does Your Real Estate Marketing Work?

How do your clients find you first? Referrals? Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? Or, are you missing out on leads because you don’t have an online presence at all?  The first thing that a prospective client does after learning your name is look you up online. In today’s competitive real estate market, you have to have an optimized online presence.

How Do You Compare to Your Competition?

At Exclusive 25th Hour, we help Real Estate professionals build their online presence through:

  • Email marketing
  • Marketing new listings and open house landing pages with Facebook ads.
  • Consistent social media postings
  • Promote individually instead of one-size-fits all marketing to generate leads and engagement with past, present and future clients.   Send us your questions here!
  • Boost Facebook posts correctly.

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Our Packages Include:

  • Design landing pages for your listings using “Get Response Email Marketing” landing page designs or your own platform for landing pages.
  • Market listings, open house or websites via Facebook ads.
  • Target Farm areas with Facebook Ads.
  • Manage your email marketing with “Get Response.”
  • Develop/update your social media strategy to increase visibility and referrals.
  • Engaging with your community.
  • Promoting on multiple platforms for consistency and faster ROI.
  • Direct your social media community to your listings and website.
  • All landing pages are mobile optimized.
  • Develop, edit and update newsletters to help grow your list.
  • Create and generate marketing campaigns for leads and former clients.

Often, we have found that there are other areas of assistance needed along with marketing. We can help you with those tasks by developing a package to fit your needs personally. Ask about our REVA options