Written By: Laura Quick, REVA – Exclusive 25th HourDepositphotos_46155563_xsIn today’s world of real estate, there is no doubt that it’s not only imperative for prospective buyers to see pictures, it can be vital to the sale of a home.

This is why it is so important to have more virtual tours and pictures as a good way for prospective buyers to eliminate homes that are not suitable. Without the visuals, they might not have otherwise noticed the house wasn’t what they were looking for until actually arranging that showing with an agent.

What are the two big advantages to including a virtual tour in your marketing? They are saving time and money. Let’s face it, some agents are good at taking pictures and others, either need a class on photography or hire someone to take pictures for them. Either way, visual marketing has to happen frequently in today’s real estate marketing.
Some additional reasons (in no particular order) for having those pictures ready for buyers and importance of virtual tours are:

• They save time and money when a buyer can see the home virtually before arriving and may be able to get questions answered beforehand.
• Size does matter. It is frustrating for buyers when there is only one or two photos because it leaves them wanting more.
• The trends show that the higher the price range the more virtual tours are used and valued.
• The shift among sellers is that they want their listings heavily marketed.
• It doesn’t take high dollar equipment to make the video look appealing.

There are plenty of agents who don’t use virtual tools at all. Many multiple listing services (MLS) require at least one picture of a home on each listing. The main reason many of these agents don’t think that the virtual tools help to sell the houses. The 2nd most common excuse is that they don’t have the time to upload the virtual tour (Perhaps this is a good task for your real estate virtual assistant!)

Marketing is really the name of the game when it comes to real estate. It’s best for a seller to have an agent who is going to market properly for them. Many times as buyers, it gets exhausting and stressful looking for properties. This is a perfect example of when pictures and virtual tours help to remind the buyer of the specifics of the properties they have looked at.

If you are a seller, there are a lot of qualifying questions you can request here to help move along the sale process of your home.
Will the agent provide a virtual tour?
Where will the videos be seen (IE: YouTube, etc…)?
It is important that you have these questions answered for your potential clients.

Even as an agent it gets frustrating if there is only one picture on the MLS listing. Sometimes the reasoning is simple, they just need the listing to go up in a hurry and add pictures later. However, it’s become a vital step to the real estate business, so it is important that you don’t skip this step. You’ll be doing a disservice to your business if you can’t keep up with your marketing. Many potential buyers start by searching online which is why the virtual portion of the listing is vital. If you don’t have one, then you will send buyers to another listing which leads to another agent and another purpose.
If you find that you are too busy to update your visual marketing, or you just have questions on how to optimize your online presence, send us a note! We would love to help you by designing a package to help you promote your real estate business.