Success with Real Estate Marketing

Success with Real Estate Marketing

Well it happened again… I had a discovery session with a Realtor, and when I asked her what her marketing strategy was she gave me a quick response of, “I know I need to do it, I just haven’t yet.”

Wow, I can’t tell you how often I hear this, and it always makes me shake my head. I have found that there is a huge gap between agents that understand the importance of online marketing and agents that just don’t make time for it.

Guess who is more successful?

I am hoping that I can bridge that gap a little today.

In real estate, online marketing means branding yourself. Sure, you are publishing houses to sell, but people still want to get to know YOU. They want to know that someone is holding their hand and guiding them in the right direction in the buying and selling process. As someone who has bought two homes in 3 years, I can tell you personally that having the right realtor will always seal the deal.

Yes, it does cost money, but marketing in general is going to be an out-of-pocket expense. The difference is that outbound marketing doesn’t produce instant gratification like inbound marketing does. In my experience, it only takes one closing from a lead who found the agent online to convince them of just how cost effective it is to promote their real estate business with social media.

If you are spending a ton of money for outbound marketing and nothing for your inbound, you’ll be left in the dust. Once your online presence as a Realtor in your area is optimized, you’ll see that you can spend less on outbound marketing. It’s a win-win for you.

Last week we discussed how important videos are for marketing, especially real estate. I’m going to address that topic again briefly because it is so important for your marketing.

Having a video walk-through of your property for sell will set you apart from the agent that didn’t post or link to one. Let’s say that you’re not ready to take a video because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to edit it. Don’t worry, you can hire that out to video editors for around $50 or less. Due to the advances in technology and the apps that make finding a new home just a touch of a finger away, it’s important that you are the agent that is being found! Videos will help you do that.

Social media posts on Facebook, Pinterest boards, Twitter and Instagram are all ways to communicate and nurture your leads and future leads. These social platforms are no longer just for cat videos or pictures of your food. They are the way to COMMUNICATE with your audience and build relationships with them.