make Time to ConnectAs business owners, we are constantly chasing the elusive extra hour in our day. This is why setting goals for your online marketing is so important. Once you set those goals, making time to post will just be another important task that you need to do to run your daily business.  I know that if I don’t schedule time for my content strategy throughout the day then it won’t get done. One of the ways that I hold myself accountable is by using a tool like Workflowy to help me keep my daily tasks straight.

In order to make your social media marketing work for you, you need to commit to using your extra hour or two in the day that it takes to blog, post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or maybe all of the above. Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself when setting goals for your social media:

  • Do your posts entertain/educate or engage with your audience?
  • How does each post bring you closer to your marketing goals?
  • Why would your audience want to follow you online?

Social media marketing is here to stay and growing stronger every day. Gone are the days that you could just post a picture of your product or service and people would instantly engage. Today, social media marketing is something to take seriously in order to be heard over the 1500 other posts that your audience can be exposed to daily (That’s on Facebook alone!)

By setting goals for your social media marketing, you will start to see the reward by your audience’s comments, follows and likes.  This will promote authentic engagement and grow your business.